Tamara D. Brown

Business & Mindset Coach* Author* Speaker

After 13 years in the fitness industry helping women transform their bodies, Tamara found herself in a cycle of helping women reach physical goals  but she knew there was more to helping women reach their full potential in and out of her gym.

In the fall of 2021, and in the mist of the COVID-19 Pandemic,  Tamara decided that she no longer wanted to ONLY own a fitness studio and  train women on their physical goals. So she made a BIG shift, and closed her studio, debuted her boo The Next Level You: The Parallel Journey and launched  her Business and Mindset coaching services, for emerging and new entrepreneurs.  Using real life experiences, proven strategies, and lessons learned from her own entrepreneurial journey to 6-figures. Tamara is on a journey, yet again,  to partner with emerging entrepreneurs so they do not feel like they are on this journey alone. Tamara desires to be the business coach and mentor that she never had in the early and critical  stages of starting and building a profitable business.  


Work with Tamara

Transforming lives in & out of the gym

Tamara is Not Your Average Trainer®️, transforming and empowering lives globally.  With her professional and personal expertise and experience covering a variety of topics, including health, wealth, entrepreneurship and navigating through various season of life and business simutaneously,   Tamara, always leaves her audiences informed, empowered and inspired to do the work to grow to their next level and to be and serve from their highest place.


Business Coaching

Tamara Brown has a passion for helping entrepreneurs shift their mindset so that they can build, grow & scale their brand, despite their geographical location so that you work with your ideal client.

Speaking Engagements

Tamara always delivers transformative, actionable, and motivating keynotes that leave Business owners & Entrepreneurs ready to take massive action.

Topics include: 

The Parallel Journey

From Paralysis to Profits

The Health & Wealth Connection

The Next Level You

Health Fairs & Wellness Events

Having an event or retreat coming up soon?  Don't forget to get physical! Get participants excited about their wellness with some physical activity led by TamB. Tamara makes fitness fun and relatable for all fitness levels.

Dance Cardio Party
Group Fitness
Dynamic Stretching

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