"How you do one thing is how you do everything." -Unknown


Have you ever wondered why it seems like when one area of your life is on a roller coaster, the other areas tend to join in? Have you considered the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the problem is not the exterior situations you face, but rather your own habits, behaviors, and patterns of inconsistency?


In her debut book, Tamara D. Brown, founder of Not Your Average Trainer(R), takes readers on a journey that uses the anchor of physical fitness to teach transformational lessons in the areas of emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial wellness. The Next Level You: The Parallel Journey, is the perfect read for anyone who:

  • Desires to end the cycle of yo-yoing
  • Is ready to transform in every area of life and business
  • Is committed to personal growth and development
  • Desires to build a successful business using proven principles and techniques


Tamara D. Brown is not just another fitness guru looking to help people who only want to lose physical weight. She cares about the success of the whole person and is demonstrating this passion throughout the pages of this book. As you read, you will be challenged to confront old mindsets and limiting beliefs so that you can grow into The Next Level You.

The Next Level You: The Parallel Journey

  • Paperback Book Signed by Author