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Tamara D. Brown

Business & Mindset Coach* Author* Speaker* Wellness Expert

Tamara is the CEO & founder of Not Your Average Trainer, LLC headquarted in Columbia, SC. Tamara has over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, 8 of which she owned and operated a women's specific fitness studio. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Tamara did not have the best of luck finding a business coach. After years of investing in coaches that only shared general business info with limited interaction, support, and guidance throughout her business growing pains. Tamara decided to become what she needed and realizes now more than ever,  that aspiring & new entrepreneurs are looking for a long term business coach and mentor, that will meet you where you are in your business, and help you grow your business to the next level.  Tamara has developed a comprehensive program, The Parallel Journey, to take aspiring and new entrepreneurs from paralysis to profits.  

A Free Webinar, Valued at $1,500, on How to Move from Paralysis to Profits


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